Sleep vol 2

"We see very large changes to sleep physiology with aging," says Michael Scullin, PhD, an assistant professor of psychology and neuroscience at Baylor University who studies sleep neuroscience and cognition. "Those changes might be a contributing factor to some of the changes we see in general health, cognition and mental health as people age."

In early 1976, Zappa's relationship with manager and business partner Herb Cohen ended in litigation. Zappa and Cohen's company DiscReet Records was distributed by Warner Bros. Records . When Zappa asked for a reassignment of his contract from DiscReet to Warner in order to advance the possibility of doing special projects without Cohen's involvement, Warner briefly agreed. This led to the 1976 release of Zoot Allures on Warner. Early in 1977, Zappa delivered the master tapes for a quadruple-LP set, entitled Läther . However, Warner changed its position following legal action from Cohen, and refused to release the album, claiming that Zappa was contractually bound to deliver four more albums to Warner for the DiscReet label.

Sleep Vol 2Sleep Vol 2Sleep Vol 2Sleep Vol 2